2020 Information

Santa’s Checklist

In order to provide a gift that is safe and ready for your senior to enjoy, please ensure you carefully follow these instructions:

  • Please ensure that all gift items are new and unused. Used items will be removed from the gifts.
  • Please take note of allergies and limitations listed and avoid potentially harmful gift items (if you’re not sure whether or not it’s safe, it is best not to include it).
  • DO NOT include candles, perishable foods or live plants (gifts will not be refrigerated and are in a box for approximately one month).
  • Please include gift receipts for clothing.
  • Please ensure that all clothing is machine washable (no dry cleaning).
  • Please place any gift cards in a sealed envelope (so they aren’t overlooked at the bottom of the bag). Please indicate how much the value of the gift card is.  
  • Feel free to wrap your gifts but please ensure that a content list is included.

In order to ensure that your gift is safely received by the senior for whom it is intended, please carefully follow these instructions:

  • When at all possible please use a Christmas themed reusable tote bag vs. a paper gift bag.  They are so much sturdier and don’t get damaged in transit.
  • Please securely tie multiple gift bags for the same senior together and mark each bag accordingly: 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, etc.
  • DO NOT use staples!
  • DO NOT include your personal name, information or photos. DO feel free to include any type of “kid art”
  • Please sign cards and letters “from Santa”.
  •  Please make sure to attach a stick-on label to the upper right corner of the gift bag and legibly write the following:
    • Senior’s Name, Senior’s ID # and Senior’s Site #.  This is the only way we know who to give the gift to.
    • As a backup in case your tag fall off please include a piece of paper inside the gift with the seniors information.  Please do not use the profile sheet we send you for this.
  • You MUST tie a content information tag or piece of paper to the handle of your gift or place it on top of the items in the bag (this important safeguard will be removed prior to delivery to the senior and prevents Santa’s Elves and Care Providers from having to unwrap the contents of your senior’s gift bag).
  • Please do not include your senior’s profile page with the gift.
  • Please keep in mind that the gifts are packaged in 4 cubic feet boxes and the packages must fit to ensure that they arrive safely. (18″x 18″x 21″)
  • Please don’t over pack your paper gift bags, they easily rip if filled too full!

If you have any questions please contact Andrea at [email protected]

Thank you for your support this year and happy shopping!

How you can double your donation dollars

  • Do you work for a company that matches its employees charitable donations?
  • If your employer matches donations, please get a matching-gift form from your company’s intranet or human resources department and follow the directions to initiate a match.
  • You will need to supply us with the receipts for your Christmas gifts in order for us to issue you a tax receipt.

If you are unsure, ask your human resources or community investment department whether your company has a matching program.

Packing Your Gift

We ask that when you pack your bags, you keep in mind that they will have to be transported several times.  Many stores are now selling Christmas themed reusable bags / some even have zippers.  These bags tend to be made of stronger materials and don’t rip or tear as easily. Please try to use these where possible.  If you do use a paper bag please consider using 2 bags instead of one gigantic extra-large one.  Our goal is to get your gifts to the seniors in as great a condition as you packed them in.

Gift Drop Off Weekend
The Calgary City Police have generously offered the following district offices as drop off locations.

District 2: 4506 – 17th Ave SW

District 3: 4303 – 14th St NW

District 4: 3207-12 Ave NE

District 5: 800, Saddletowne Cir NE

District 8: 450 Midpark Way SE

The drop off hours will be from 8am to 6pm on the final weekend in November. Gifts can only be dropped off at the police stations on these 3 days!!!  

If you cannot make the gift drop off, please contact us to make alternate arrangements.  We have a very tight timeline this year and it is very important that we receive your gifts on time.

Thank you

Thanks to you we will adopt over 5100 seniors this Christmas season!!   We couldn’t do this without your generous support.