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Who is eligible to benefit from Senior Secret Service?

Our programs are meant to enhance the lives of individuals 60 years or older who are alone or isolated in our communities.

Who can nominate a senior to your gift-giving program?

All of our senior nomination come from our community partners and care facilities.

We are not able to accept self-referrals at this time.

If you know of a senior who is isolated and alone and living independently in the community you can contact any of the following organizations that provide support through The Way In – Calgary Older Adult Services.   By encouraging seniors to become involved with The Way In program, they are not only able to receive support from Seniors Secret Service at Christmas and on their birthday but will receive year round support from the Service Coordinators at The Way In.

Bowmont (CFS) office: North & West – 403-286-1811
Alexandra (CFS) office: Central – 403-705-0593
CSRS office: North & East – 403-266-6200
JFSC office: South – 403-287-3510
CCECA office: City-wide Mandarin & Cantonese – 403-269-6122

How can I make a donation to Seniors Secret Service?

To make a donation, donate online through https://atbcares.com/causes/124-894375666RR0001 send a cheque by mail. All donations are eligible for a tax receipt.  We are grateful for each and every donation we receive.

How can I become a Secret Santa?

Our Secret Santas come from all walks of life. If you are interested in becoming a Secret Santa, please complete the volunteer registration form. You will be contacted as soon as possible with more information on how you can get involved.

As a Secret Santa, how will I know what kind of gift to buy for my special senior?

Each of our Secret Santas is given a helpful profile of his or her special senior. This profile, which is drawn up by the care provider who nominated the senior to the program, will include a list of gift ideas from which you can choose.

How much do I spend on a gift?

Seniors Secret Service does not specify an exact amount you should spend on a gift for your senior, however an average gift costs between $85 and $120.

Where and when can I drop off my gift?

We will post specific drop off locations as we get closer to drop off times. Watch our blog for updates!

How are the gifts distributed to their recipients?

Usually around the end of November we will hold a gift drop off weekend.   Secret Santas bring their gifts to one of the participating Calgary police stations.  The gifts will then be transported by volunteer elves to our workshop (or seasonal warehouse), where volunteer elves sort and inspect each one, ensuring it will go to the senior for whom it is intended. The gifts are then delivered to the seniors’ agencies, where the care providers participating in the program present them to their special seniors.

What other volunteer opportunities are there at Seniors Secret Service?

Volunteers play a crucial role in Seniors Secret Service. Besides Secret Santas, we rely on volunteer elves to help sort the gifts once they arrive at our workshop. We also need volunteers to help plan and carry out our fundraising events, make Birthday cards and Christmas crafts, and provide administrative and professional support. For more information, visit our get involved page or complete the volunteer registration form.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

We have had volunteers of all ages work with us but it has been dependent on the specific position. Please review the descriptions and contact us if you have any more questions.

Can I volunteer as a group?

We welcome groups to volunteer! Please review the position descriptions to find the right fit and contact us.

What is the time commitment to volunteer?

We have numerous opportunities that range from once a year for 5 hours at the gift sort to volunteering for several hours at our monthly Birthday Bee.   We can find an opportunity that suits you! Learn more about volunteering opportunities.

Who can I contact if I need more information about Seniors Secret Service?

If you have any other questions about our registered charity, contact us. We promise to reply to your query as soon as we can.

Is there opportunity for Corporate Sponsorship?

Absolutely! Learn more about Corporate Sponsorship opportunities.

Can I meet the senior who receives my gift?

At this time, we do not facilitate introductions to the seniors who receive gifts. This is a complicated process and there are a number of privacy sensitivities that we have to respect.

How can I help the Birthday Cheer Program?

You can either make a monetary donation towards the cost of purchasing the items we put in the birthday gifts or you can purchase the items themselves and drop them off at our office.  See the list on the Birthday Cheer page.  

How is Seniors Secret Service funded?

Our current annual operating budget is $487,000. Currently the main source of funding is a casino fundraiser held every eighteen months. Seniors Secret Service also receives funding from various other sources that include charitable foundations, service clubs and individual and corporate donors.  We are not a United Way funded agency.