For seniors in nursing homes receiving our gifts creates a positive sense of community, while the same action can also provide a new opportunity for a social visit for seniors living in their own homes. Below are some acknowledgements that we have received and would like to share with you:

What they've said

  • Thank-you for the beautiful Christmas gift bag, with all of the lovely gifts inside, which I really do appreciate.

  • Thank you to Santa & his elves for stopping by my house and leaving such lovely gifts for Xmas. A real surprise. I appreciate the shopping service. It makes life so much easier especially in this cold weather. Thank you.

    Mary B
  • Sue delivered a wonderful package to me. I realty have to thank you and all the ladies who fixed the package. Every item was something I really appreciate & I want to say a very, very, very humble thank you. It feel so good to receive it. Thank you, God bless you all.

    Ruby G
  • Many thanks to all concerned for the generous Christmas presents. Very much appreciated.

    Mary F
  • Your secret Santa was here yesterday and my goodness you were more than generous, what a beautiful bag of gifts, thank you so much dear, I don’t feel I deserve it but it was certainly kind of you to get it together and send it off to me, a lovely girl brought it too, so have a merry Christmas. I want to wish you and all your co-workers the best of everything and thank you again; this was a lovely, lovely surprise

    Audrey N
  • Thank you very much for all the lovely gifts you for me. I will treasure them.

  • Thank you so much for the Christmas gifts. This is the first time I received a gift in a couple of decades.

    Lawrence S
  • Thanks for the surprise gift, very appreciated. I must have been a good girl. Ha Ha!!

    Dora W
  • You are very kind and you bring joy to people. Thanks so much. It was a lovely gift.

  • Thank you very much for the nice present I got from you. This the bigest present I ever got in my life. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year 2013.

  • Great thanks to you for your respect and giving attention to me.

  • I want to tell you that I haven’t experienced so much excitement opening so many gifts since I was a child. What a joyful time I had.

    Shirley F
  • I am sorry I have not called you in the last while; I was getting ready to move. Anyhow I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff and volunteers that worked with me over the two years and I so appreciate your services. I just love my birthday and Christmas elf presents. It was so kind of you, all those little things you all did, you can’t know how much your service meant to me and I just want to say once again thank you all very, very much and I hope your program continues for a long time, thank you.

    Georgina R

Selected Senior Profiles

The seniors who are supported by Seniors Secret Service come from a variety of different backgrounds and live in different levels of housing, from fully independent living right up to 24 hour care facilities.  Here are some of their stories.


Catherine turned 107 years old on her last birthday.  She currently lives in one of Calgary’s long term care facilities.   Catherine had a husband and children but they have since passed away.  Her only surviving grandchild is in his late sixties and is unable to visit Catherine due to his own declining health.   Catherine is a proud Scottish lady who is still in charge of her own finances and legal decisions.   Catherine loves to visit and talk about Scotland and days gone by.  Catherine can often be found having tea with her friend Gladys who is 104, and also a recipient of our program.   In 2013 there were 18 senior who received support from Seniors Secret Service who were over the age of 100.


Willy is an 82 year old bachelor who still lives in his own apartment in a complex in the East Village.  Willy has a fat, old cat that he loves dearly.  Willy should likely be living in a more supported environment but he refuses to leave the cat he has had for 15 years.   For Christmas last year Willy asked for some socks, a new pair of suspenders and cat food and toys.  Willy receives most of his meals through the Meals on Wheels program and is always happy to see the volunteers.   Due to challenges he has with mobility he spends most of his time in his apartment, with his cat, watching TV.


Henry is 76 years old and due to declining health moved into a long term care facility.  Henry is from the Maritimes and spent many years in the Navy.   Henry moved to Calgary in the late 90’s to be closer to his son.  After Henry moved into long term care, his son sold Henry’s house, took the proceeds and moved to Ontario.  Henry loves anything to do with the navy and misses his friends in the Maritimes.  He lives on his CPP and Navy pension but there isn’t much left after his housing charges are paid.


Ingrid is 69 and lives in her own apartment in a supported seniors housing complex.  Ingrid loves to garden and spends most of the spring and summer in the community garden at the housing complex. During the winter months Ingrid loves to knit and crochet.   Ingrid is a widow, who never had children.  She loves to dance and to walk to the neighbourhood Tim Horton’s to coffee with her friends.  She has recently learned how to work the computer in the common area and is often found researching ideas for what to plant in the garden or a pattern for a new knitting project.