Emergency Care Program

Every day seniors enter hospitals and long term care facilities and for many, they have arrived wearing nothing but their pyjamas. Some have come from their own homes, while some come from the homeless shelter system or the street. For those seniors who have no family or friends for support, they end up alone without even the basic necessities of life. They do not have so much as a pair of socks, a clean pair of underwear or a toothbrush.

Our program aims to provide the basic essentials to each senior which would include: several days’ worth of clothing; pants, tops, undergarments, socks and shoes or non- slip slippers. The package would also include a toiletry kit that was appropriate to the seniors needs and include shampoo, a hairbrush, a toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant. We will also include something such as a handmade get well card or art from school kids to brighten their room and let the senior know that someone cares about their welfare.

We anticipate helping 170 seniors in the first year of the Emergency Care program. We plan to offset the cost of the program through a gift-in-kind program. We hope that some of our Secret Santas will choose to also support this program.

The program has been split in to two different sections:

  • Short Hospital Package:

This package includes new undergarments, socks and a new pair of non-slip slippers. If needed, we may provided our senior with new clothing items to return home in. This package will also include a small toiletry kit provided by the Telus Ambassador group.

  • Long Term or Extended Care Package:

This package will include new undergarments, socks, a new pair of non-stick slippers, two pairs of pull on pants, several shirts, cardigan-like sweater, a pair of velcro-closed running shoes and a full sized toiletry kit.


We are currently working on the final details but if this is something you might be interested in supporting, please contact coordinator@seniorssecretservice.com for more information or to sign up to put together a package for a senior.